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Take your HQD digital meter with you!


A rugged design and wide variety of IntelliCAL rugged probe options make HQd portable meters perfect for field use.

Measure critical water quality parameters without the need to carry multiple instruments. HQd portable multi-parameter meters have a flexible design allowing connection of multiple probe parameters to the same meter.  Efficient field measurement for all your tests can be accomplished with a single meter.

Designed for field measurement. Waterproof meter, protective glove, and rugged field case provide worry-free, reliable field use.  All connections between the meter and probe are secure and waterproof.  Information is clearly displayed on one screen with back light for low light conditions.  Display results can be enlarged for easier reading.

Rugged probe models for field testing. Designed for harsh environments, IntelliCAL rugged pH, conductivity, LDO and ORP probes feature super-tough, stainless steel body and polymer shroud that protects the sensor from impact.  Reinforced, steel-sheathed cables are durable, yet manageable.  Waterproof for up to 24 hours at a depth of 30 meters.

Reliable dissolved oxygen results with minimum effort.Luminescence based LDO technology is an established Hach-Lange innovation launched in 2003.  The IntelliCAL LDO is a drift-free sensor providing error-free and accurate results with minimum effort as no calibration, polarization, or replacement electrolyte are required.

Intuitive user interface for simple operation and accurate results. User interface and operating instructions available in more than 10 European languages.

Reliable and simple measuring for pH and EC:
Digital multimeter with pH & conductivity electrode, 1m cable

Your benefits:

  • Outstanding reliability

  • Simple handling

  • Versatile electrodes for all applications

  • Reliable results from inaccessible measurement locations
The best way to measure oxygen: LDO
Digital multimeter with LDO-electrode, 3m cable

 Your benefits:
  • Reliable DO results with minimum effort
  • Luminescence based technology
  • Error-free and accurate results
  • No calibration or replacement electrolyte are required
Based on advanced colorimetric chemistry the analyser provides a fast, reliable method of determining total or free residual chlorine.

  • Colorimetric chemistry - simple, fast, accurate
  • Fast automatic operation
  • Complete control - minimal maintenance
  • Rugged, lightweight enclosure