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Laboratory HQD meters: simple and fast lab set-up!


HQd laboratory meters offer a complete portfolio of water testing parameters.

Measure critical water quality parameters – simply and accurately.  Standard IntelliCAL probe models for each parameter available in a variety of design configurations allow you to find the perfect IntelliCAL probe for your water quality application.

Benchtop HQd meters provide an intuitive user interface with guided calibration to ensure accurate results. User interface and operating instructions available in more than 10 European languages.

Large, back-lit LCD screen for improved productivity. The meter is easy to read even when measuring two parameters simultaneously.

Reliable dissolved oxygen results with minimum effort.Luminescence based Rugged ElectrodesLDO technology is an established Hach-Lange innovation launched in 2003.  The IntelliCAL LDO is a drift-free sensor providing error-free and accurate results with minimum effort as no calibration, polarization, or replacement electrolyte are required.

Available in three configurations to fit your lab’s specific requirements.

  • HQ411d: single-input pH/mV meter.
  • HQ430d: single-input, multi-parameter meter for pH, ORP, conductivity, DO and ISE measurement.
  • HQ440d: dual-input, multi-parameter meter for pH, ORP, conductivity, DO and ISE measurement.

Discover the advantages of the dual channel HQD benchtop

  • Your benefits:

    • Reliable and traceble for all measurements (pH, EC, T°, ORP, dissolved oxygen, ISE)

    • No mistakes by automatic recognition of parameter, calibration and method.

    • Robust by sustainable design, accurate results also in difficult environments.

1-channel process measurement instrument for identification of sodium. Also available as multi-channel instrument.

   Your benefits:
  • Automatic electrode reactivation for optimum operation and response time behaviour
  • Easy to install, operate, calibrate and maintain 
  • Can be adapted to a variety of different conditions  
  • Lower detection limit of 0.01 ppb 
Based on advanced colorimetric chemistry the analyser provides a fast, reliable method of determining total or free residual chlorine.

    • Colorimetric chemistry - simple, fast, accurate
    • Fast automatic operation
    • Complete control - minimal maintenance
    • Rugged, lightweight enclosure