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Orbisphere Oxygen (O₂) EC Sensor in Delrin with PEEK head and fast temperature changes option (20 bar)

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Orbisphere 311XX - the ultimate in O2 sensors

O₂ sensor with measuring cell and head in PEEK, Delrin body, EPDM o-ring. Pressure rating 20 bar, fast temperature compensation.The unique polarographic Orbisphere sensor design is a proven performer wherever knowledge of O₂ content is critical. From beverage quality control to corrosion monitoring in power generators, from package sampling to chemical manufacturing, this sensor provides fast, accurate oxygen measurements, in gaseous or liquid samples.
A wide range of temperature and pressure ranges is made possible by the exclusive valve seat sealing, whereby the sensor cathode is mechanically tensioned against a ceramic valve seat to ensure the integrity of the seal. This design enables a vanishingly small residual signal, for improved accuracy.
All these oxygen sensors use the deep-draw membrane mounting method for a uniformly thin layer of electrolyte for faster response and superior stability. Coupled with a screw-on protection cap, the sensor provides in-service intervals of up to a year.

  • From trace levels to super saturation
  • Unrivalled detection limit of ±0.1 ppb or 100 ppt
  • Guard Ring Electrode design improves speed of response and reduces interferences
  • Installs in-line for process control, or in flow chamber for spot measurement