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Test kit, chlorine, coliform, pH, model CEC-2 (w/ 120 vac uv lamp & incubator)


Test kit, chlorine, coliform, pH, model CEC-2 (w/ 120 vac uv lamp & incubator)
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Chlorine, Coliform, and pH Kit, with 120 Vac lamp
Coliforms are reliable indicator organisms for testing water quality because they travel with disease-producing microorganisms and are easy to isolate. The presence of coliforms in drinking water indicates the water may not be suitable for drinking and may need to treated with a disinfectant such as chlorine. The coliform test uses tryptose broth and MUG reagent. It provides a reliable, quick way to determine the presumptive presence of coliforms and the specific presence of Escherichia coli, a fecal coliform.
Thirty MUG tubes are supplied along with a long-wave UV lamp for reading results, a 12-well dri-bath incubator, sterile sampling bags containing a dechlorinating agent, and a pH pocket Pal™ Tester. Pillow-packaged DPD reagent is provided for USEPA-accepted chlorine testing, if approved by the state.
Method / Chemistry: Color disc colorimetry; LT/MUG medium. Test: Chlorine (Free)/ Chlorine (Total)/ Coliform/ pH Pocket Pal™. Range (mg/L): 0-0.7/ 0-3.5/
<2.2 to >16 bacteria/100mL/ 0-14 pH units. Smallest Increment (mg/L): 0.02/ 0.1 (total chlorine)/ 0.1 pH unit (pH). Number of Tests: 100/ 100/ 10/1000 hrs. Case Style: 21x11.5x11 inches Blue Polypropylene Carrying Case.

  • Model CEC-2 with 120 Vac and Incubator