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Test kit, total chlorine, model CN-DT, 20-2000 mg/L

Test kit, total chlorine, model CN-DT, 20-2000 mg/L
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Hach Digital Titrator offers higher levels of precision and accuracy than drop count procedures, with reproducibility comparable to a buret titration

Rugged titration device is ideal for field use, with no glass burets required

Kit contains all required reagents and apparatus to perform analysis in the field


Aantal testen: 100
Koffer design: F
Meetbereik: 20 - 2,000 mg/L Cl₂
Methode: Digital Titrator/Thiosulfate
Opmerking: *mg/L unless otherwise noted, ppb = µg/L, ppm = mg/L.; gpg = grains per gallon; 1 gpg = 17.1 mg/L or 17.1 ppm. 1EPA-accepted for wastewater. Check with your regulatory agency.
Parameter: Chlorine, mid and high range - As total Cl2
Platform: Digitale Titrator
Smallest increment: 0.2 - 5.0
Testkit model: CN-DT
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