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Test strips, Total Dissolved Iron, 0-5 mg/L, 25 tests

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In domestic water supplies, iron can do great economic damage by staining laundry and porcelain fixtures and by producing an off taste in beverages. In water supplies used for commercial beverage production, low levels of iron are critical. Hach's test strips provide the most easily-used method for determining low to mid-range iron concentrations. Technicians in the field can test many samples in only a few minutes and make immediate evaluations on-site. No measuring, set-up, clean-up, or chemical handling are necessary. Hach test strips are also used in laboratories all over the world for pre-test screening-to detect the presence of materials that might interfere with lab testing. Contains 25 tests.

  • Easy to use, disposable, and inexpensive
  • A great way to obtain quick, quantitative answers in the field or in the lab